3rd Annual Thandaung Gyi Mountain Run (February 15th, 2020)

Enjoy a 25 km (just over a half-marathon distance) weekend mountain race outside of Yangon, up to remote Thandaung Gyi town in Kayin state. Thandaung Gyi is a quiet town high up in the hills, and has only been open to foreign tourists in the few years. The course is an uphill one with spectacular mountain, river and lake views along all along the way. The event is organised by the Thandaung Gyi Tourism Development Working Group (TTDWG) and supported by Myanmar Responsible Tourism Institute (MRTI) in collaboration with Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF). A portion of the proceeds from the race are donated to community organisations and also to special socio-economic, cultural and environmental projects. For registration forms, updates and additional information please like our special Facebook events page and click here to view photos of the 2019 Run. You can also contact MRTI at +95 9 45779 3366 for more details and registration.

Off Road Tour to Maung Nwet Gyi
This half day tour starts with a 45-minute drive in a 4-wheel vehicle which takes into the surrounding jungles. During the shaky ride you will catch nice views of the Karen Mountains, and several streams and small villages. You will then walk deep into the jungle past many farms of local villagers, and discover waterfalls and hot springs, where you can a bath. You will also visit the lovely Karen village of Maung Nwet Gyi, where you will meet  the friendly villagers and sample some local products and foods that they offer.  Depending on your starting time you may see the sunset on your way back to Thandaung Gyi.


Trekking Tour to Lake Pyar Gyi
This guided half-day trek to Leik Pyar Ka Lay follows a well-marked trail through the forest. The journey passes small tea and coffee plantations, as well as large cardamom fields and you may meet friendly villagers and farmers. Parts of the track lead you through untouched nature and beautiful forests, with wide landscape views of the mountains. Once you reach Leik Pyar Ka Lay, you can take a rest in a small guest house, and enjoy a local snack and a cup of tea or coffee prepared by the villagers. Take a look at the traditional Karen houses and visit the old Christian church in the centre of village.


New Prayer Mountain Trek

This full day trip will start early in the morning and will take you south of Thandaung Gyi on the route to Leik Tho, to another important religious site. The Mountain is surrounded by untouched nature and you will likely encounter colourful birds and other wild animals. You will stop at various organic farms and gardens on the way, and a traditional Karen lunch will be provided at one of these locations. The entire trek leads along small and hidden paths where the overhead canopy opens up to provide a unique view into the wide landscape of the mountains. Make sure, that you wear proper shoes and clothes that protect from prickly and sharp bushes. Each is a 3-4 hour walk and part of the trail can be done by motorbike.

Karen New Year Festival
Celebrated on the first day of the month of Pyathoe (Thalay) in the Karen calendar, the  festival includes bamboo dances, speeches, singing, sporting events. Karen families and friends come together to eat traditional food. Thousands of Karen people from all over the country come to Thandaung Gyi to celebrate the Karen New Year and if you accompany a local family to the celebration, they will tell you many stories about the Festival.

Shopping for Local Products

There are a wide variety of local food, drink, handicraft items and souvenirs that can be purchased from local shops or at your B&B.

Karen New Year Celebrations
Mountain Run 

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